Harassment case of Union Bank of India Prempuri Branch Muzaffarnagar by staff and manager

Published Sat Jun 10 2023

Harassment case of Union Bank of India Prempuri Branch Muzaffarnagar by staff and manager

Tried to call 112 multiple times on the same day but the number is busy till day no one is taking the call.

Complaint in union bank online help no - 


Jansunvai Complaint number - 

आपका सन्दर्भ संख्या 40013323010423 पोर्टल पर दर्ज हो गया है, जिसकी नवीनतम स्थिति जनसुनवाई पोर्टल/ऐप के माध्यम से देख सकते है।

Tried to submit complain on the following URL that is for grievance read wrestle but it doesn't work every time. I feel all the details without any special character as per their guidance. But every time I Sir tried to submit the phone. It says captcha invalid



On 08 06 2023 at 10:30 am I, Vishvendra Singh and my mother name S**** and my father A*** went to Union Bank Prempuri, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, branch where my mother Suman is a customer and has existing account in this branch. I and my mother wanted to change her saving bank account into joint account. In the bank They did not provide us form properly, after requesting and waiting for 1 and half hour, when I requested again to officer sitting in the middle seat, he started shouted and used foul language and told us to come next week. When I asked them very politely about the reason if they could provide me in writing about when to come and give me something in writing that confirms that we have visited branch this day. The Branch manager having a cap on his head told guard to throw us out of the bank immediately saying we are not the customer. The guard started pushing and harassing forcefully so I got scared and wanted to call police but he snatched my phone and pushed us out of the bank. I asked the name of branch manager but staff and guard said they dont have any name. I tried to audio record their bad language and behaviour but he snatched my phone and denied entry in the bank. Which he later gave upon requesting to him multiple times. I requested the guard that I want to give a written complaint about their bad behavior to branch manager Branch manager but Officer and guard yelled at me to get out and told me I will get nothing in writing. Please contact me for full audio.

 Audio record - http://sndup.net/ghd5

Please contact me at v@vishvendra.co

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