Draft: My observation on remix.run using it for production.

Published Sat Jul 29 2023

Bullet point 1 remix keeps getting slower as you keep on adding more and more components to it remix is really good framework as per the concepts but when you try to deploy it on cloud like cloud flare workers sometimes if you have more components it will not load I created two different projects in remix dot run one project was about creating my personal blog and a system where anyone can create a blog and write his own contents it should be rendered in remix so that my seo should perform the best I do not want to go to Wordpress because I do not want to spend money on running a php server and a mysql server where every time it will process the database and the server and any error in the php scripts or any error in the web server like engine xor apache should not stop my blog so that is the reason I started searching server side rendering frameworks in which I found remixed run but the biggest problem with remix dot run as it cannot be used for production services is that it becomes very painful the hot reloading in a complicated project where you have high number of components the loading is really really really slow you just cannot work with it another issue that I found is when you have multiple components so cloud flare workers load it from kv service that is key value pair service provided by cloud flare so as cloud flare says its very fast but when I used it with remix it is very very very slow sometimes it takes 10 seconds to load my website so for now I am choosing next js where I am going to use the server side rendering part because for the development I find it very very fast when I even I have the multiple components but I will have to search something when it is in the cloud it should not slow down in the production .

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