Companies I have worked with and know about Good Working Environment and life saviour team -

To find better jobs not one needs study a lot and accurate someone’s knowledge is more time is saved to learn new things. But now days it tough to find a better job and good working environment. So I just thought if someone is ready for the job where should he/she approach first. And so writing this post. I have wasted my

Kraffsoft pvt ltd Hr - Mrs Binal Shah [ Nicest person ever and listen to your problem every time ] Boss - Never met him but heard manager and collegaues that he himslef works on AI and ML projects Team - Best supportive team, so makes every moment enjoyable. Team Leader and manager I have never seen being so supportive and gives you ideas from their experiences if you get stuck. I don’t know if I am going to get such good manager and team ever. I sill miss Rais Sir and Amit sir. Actually I miss all the friends there. Type - Product based

One Click IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd Hr - Mrs Rajni Sharma [ very sweet person ] Boss - Most amusing guy and you can get to learn a lot of things from him Team - If you believe that you work and learn on your own choose this company over any other because you can get lot of stuff and thing moving around and get the things done. You going to become pro for sure they take your time to inform you how you can improve yourself and that is the best team mates do. Type - Service based

bank2grow I don’t know why their website is not working at this time and writting this post, but one can read here this is good description of the company -

Hr - Ms Smita [ Again very sweet person ] Boss - Very nice and knowledgeable Person Team - I met Mr singh there a very nice person. Type - Product based

I am going to make this list a longer one but It will take me some time because other IT companies I like and have met team are not having their website working. So Currently I am just Unable to find my blog readers some good communication channel but my search is still one so keep hitting guys. Thanks for reading.