Dear jobseekers Bonds are illegal – say no to bonds

If you have given interviews in Ahmedabad / other cities, IT companies ask you to sign bond. When you ask them what is bond they will tell you it is for company safety and your 1 or 2 years commitment. Beware, it really means that they will not pay your... [Read More]

How to Build a WiFi Robot

I will be showing you how to build a wifi robot from scratch. It is a very straight forward project and can easily be handled by a intermediate robot builder. To complete the robot, it will take a couple of hours. I also attached the android phone with this app... [Read More]

Do you need a VPN?

Early this year, the U.S. Congress rolled back Internet privacy rules, giving service providers free reign to track, store and sell browsing data. In July, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) issued a warrant to DreamHost, asking for a list of everyone who visited — a site used to... [Read More]

Screen or The book, debate likely to end here

A long time debate ends here.  A book or a Computer/Phone screen what should be used for  reading. This research says it all and the paper book wins. Read the full article here.

am I Stupid? This says a lot about your personality

Most common 4 types of personalities stated by Carlo M. Cipolla are as follows. Helpless Bandit Intelligent Stupid How would you categorize them if get the chance to describe someone’s personality on first encounter. You should read this interesting article if u want to learn this magic. And I will... [Read More]