Screen or The book, debate likely to end here

A long time debate ends here.  A book or a Computer/Phone screen what should be used for  reading. This research says it all and the paper book wins. Read the full article here.

am I Stupid? This says a lot about your personality

Most common 4 types of personalities stated by Carlo M. Cipolla are as follows. Helpless Bandit Intelligent Stupid How would you categorize them if get the chance to describe someone’s personality on first encounter. You should read this interesting article if u want to learn this magic. And I will... [Read More]

Vivaldi – New opera like browser on top of chromium

Hi, People talking on many forums that chrome or firefox like browsers are sending data to their server, and making the service very insecure. In many forums people are talking about building their own browser and services but its very tedious task. So this guy made vivaldi for us that... [Read More]

Keep safe your online identity – anonymity

Hi, You are browsing this post and almost all the websites in the world keep log of your activities and browser information. They can identify who you are and what you are reading/searching. I have heard people saying I have nothing to hide, but we all know that no one can... [Read More]