Crawler 2.0 multiprocess

Hi every one, How could I miss crawler 2.0 and posted 3.0 before this. Here I am posting 2.0 crawler with multiprocess facility.. ;) Actually 3.0 thread based crawler was easy to develop, and now it is the time for release of final 2.0. Why I am making crawler,  actually... [Read More]

Remote desktop on cloud

I is really interesting to use remote cloud server computer as personal computer remotely, I am using Digital ocean SSD cloud it is really very fast and one of the best choices. you can play games and do you stuff speed is 1Gbps it is really awesome. follow this link... [Read More]

Completed coding of recursive crawler

Completed coding of recursive crawler, it was fun and a lot of hard work, some meditation, and lots of google. I finally did it. My friend Abhijeet asked to make recursive crawler and I was thinking how can I do that. So came up with this idea wo making two... [Read More]
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