Linux speed test and benchmarking

Linux speed test and benchmarking commands are tools I use are these For cpu: sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run For network: wget -O /dev/null wget -O /dev/null wget -O /dev/null For Disk write speed: wget [Read More]

Docker commands for elasticsearch cluster

Docker commands for elasticsearch cluster,are here ------------------------START MAIN-------------------------- ------------------------REFERENCE COMMANDS------------------ docker run -d --name es0 -p 9200:9200 es docker run -d --name es1 --link es0 -e UNICAST_HOSTS=es0 es docker run -d --name es2 --link es0 -e UNICAST_HOSTS=es0 es ------------------------REFERENCE COMMANDS------------------ from:/root/docker/m1/ docker run -d --name es1 -p 9201:9200 -p 9301:9300... [Read More]

too many files to zip use this command

I had a problem of zipping and transferring so many crawler files to another machine, and I was getting error so found this command and transferred in very less time. too many files to zip use this command find . -name '*.png' -print | zip [email protected]
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Hasss The cloud is ready now at

Yes The Cloud is ready and waiting for first signup, Current capacity 26 User per 5GB, with nginx and owncloud. Hosting capacity upto 40 users with SSD and Link speed of 1Gbps Out speed and 5Gbps Incoming unmetered Bandwidth... :) . It has mail server, apache with CGI for all... [Read More]
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