fail2ban sendmail

fail2ban do not send mails after installation so you need to do these changes in jail.conf- File is available at /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf change action = %(action_)s to action = %(action_mw)s change destemail = youremail and dont forget to take backup first
Tags: Hacking Linux

google hacks

Are you a information hacker? or your dream is to be one. These are the google search those reveal any website secrets from to google to you. For Directory listing vulnerabilities type intitle:index.of For Configuration files exposed type ext:xml | ext:conf | ext:cnf | ext:reg | ext:inf |... [Read More]

Cloud and their performance

Tests performed wget -O /dev/null wget sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run speedtest_cli.pytotal number of events:10000dual core(8GB RAM, 2 CORE)-total task execution time      63.2625scaleway-ARM(2GB RAM, 4 CORE)total task execution time      685.4 time 33MB/s network speed with wget30MB/s write speed wgetscaleway-ATOM CLOUDATOM DEDICATED(8GB RAM, 4 CORE)total task execution time      45.8 111MB/s... [Read More]