Indian people phone directory

Indian people phone directory 232326-contact numbers are made availabe on with improved searching functionality. Will be increasing weekly enjoy and keep searching

Different ways to create objects in Java

Different ways to create objects in Java This is a trivia. Yeah, it’s a bit tricky question and people often get confused. I had searched a lot to get all my doubts cleared. There are four different ways (I really don’t know is there a fifth way to do this) to create objects... [Read More]
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Youtube downloader no software required

Youtube downloader no software required Hi all, Here is the youtube downloader for you. It is fast, It is simple and easy to use. Here is the link And why I made this, there are faster available tools in the market. Because It is fast and for educational purpose only... [Read More]

Base64 talk encrypted

Base64 talk encrypted Hi all, why most of computer engineers choose Linux as their preferred os. Friends we get lot of advantages here like we can talk encrypted For encryption $ echo -n hi | base64 output: aGk= For decryption echo -n aGk= | base64 -d output: hi [Read More]