All news at one place,

All news at one place, Why did I do this. I known you guys also don't have time to scroll through all the news papers like me, but we love to read them. We have got no other option except to skip or scroll fast. And when people talk about it we just do not know what happened at the end of the story. But Being a engineer I can not stay deprived of it. So its my call to make it easier to read and all at one place.

Currently I combined three news paper those are my favorite one. But you can tell me if you want your favorite news paper or channel.

Also I wanted to go a step furthur, I kept this news engine to send emails with 3 hours frequency. It is built with elastic search (search engine type database), python, postfix ( to send mail with queue), some php at front end. It can store billions of news. you can search and go to so deep history starting from yesterday.. :) hehe as it is so new. I hope u guys will like this. Here is the link Enjoy.

Credits:Zainab Bhatia Nirav Patel, Abhijeet Deshani
These guys really helped me a lot in this. Thank you so much from me & my social media friends