hi there,

I know you all are doing great in your life, and I am so happy that you managed time to read this post. Here, I am writing about my college GEC Dahod. Before I start, let me introduce you with this

  1. This college have Fibre Optics of NKN (National Knowledge Network).
  2. Now you can find here enough resources. I have some seen engines and motors in mechanical Dept. And computer dept is most rich dept in resources now :)
  3. We had no mess and no computers when I joined.
  4. GEC Dahod started in 2004
  5. No restriction like you can attend lectures in any department. During our initial days we sat in other dept lectures to confirm that we have selected the right department.

But we were happy, we Joined this college. No TV to watch. No worries about anything. And we hardly missed anyone. In Dahod city you have so less places to hangout. But it is very green city. And most important thing, you will hardly see any beautiful girl.

But who need all this when you are with random very intelligent and interesting strangers. It was like you are on a picnic, and mistakenly, they call it college. Here, if you want you can give exams and pass if you want to go to next semester. Rule is very simple.

We had strength of three boys and many girl when I joined college. My Tauji (uncle) and Taiji (aunty) left me with some diploma typical-gujrati boys thinking that they will guide and me in this situation. But they took me to the movie (singham) the very first night :o . It was second movie of my life on big screen. And they were like so mature, they knew what to eat where to go, they were like, free to take all their decisions. I liked that a lot. I wanted to be like them.

First time when I met suraj I came to know that he got 89% in his 12th. Ooh very intelligent guy. Lately I noticed he is god gifted with such memory and he use this power to remember girl's birthdays. And I am the one with the worst memory. One day I was so busy playing IGI, then some friends and friends of friends came to our house and beat me a lot and then started fighting each other (wwE), then neighbours came and scholdid us a lot. Actually it was my birthday and I forgot.

after 1 month of starting first semester of college a mota guy came in to our gang. His name is abhijeet. He was like lead guitarist of gang. He is the one who knows so much about  computers. And he told us not to lost hope on breakups. He was always late with everything and rona suru with same dialog - 'Be tuje bolna to chaiye tha m baki tha'

But days changed so we changed too. while struggling with so many ATKT we had urge to learn new technologies. we had spent so many sleepless nights in college just to learn how networks and protocols work. Our Department HOD Mr Viren J Patel Sir always used very inspiring words "Naya khilona aya h HP ka Gbps router! ye lo maze karo... :) ". Our life changed when Principal J V Dave Sir got college fibre optic internet available for college and showed us his krupa. Yes the only gift we had was Fibre Optics of NKN. One day J V dave sir showed me and Abhijeet, how we can hack into hard disk with very simple commands. He always astonished us with something amusing.

in 3rd year we had enough resources to get our hand dirty with challenging tasks like install non-hackable server. Live internet broadcasting with red5-flash server (opensource - Now owned by Google).

In 7-8th sem I was given personal cabin while working on Final Year Project. we can manage entire college network from there and remotely manage all resources. And finally I got AA grade in7-8th sem for this project. Really in my whole career I haven't received such good score.

At that point, I wanted to do some thing bigger before I finish my college. I decided to build my own parallel computing machines and Cloud server. Openstack was on its initial stage at that time. It was challenging. Coz it is hard to manage time for study and in gathering research material. So I kept getting gift of ATKT. But never loosing hope is the only option I had.

One day I got call from Pravina mam and she told me that they have project competition in VGEC, Chandkheda. Moiz, suraj and me had 1 week to prepare all data for presentation. And yes we got 1st price for this project. Thanks to Dashrath Chauhan he was handling system in my absence. We also met Mr chudasma sir there.

We were happy. Coz it was first time I got any prize.

Students of VGEC campus looked so happy coz they had 200kbps very fast internet speed and cyber roam restrictions on that.

I still miss college ki canteen aur chacha aur chotu.

You can not learn to swim until you jump in. Because this is how it works.