Are you a information hacker? or your dream is to be one. These are the google search those reveal any website secrets from to google to you.

For Directory listing vulnerabilities type intitle:index.of

For Configuration files exposed type ext:xml | ext:conf | ext:cnf | ext:reg | ext:inf | ext:rdp | ext:cfg | ext:txt | ext:ora | ext:ini

For Database files exposed type ext:sql | ext:dbf | ext:mdb

For Log files exposed type ext:log

For Backup and old files type ext:bkf | ext:bkp | ext:bak | ext:old | ext:backup

For Login pages type inurl:login

For SQL errors type intext:"sql syntax near" | intext:"syntax error has occurred" | intext:"incorrect syntax near" | intext:"unexpected end of SQL command" | intext:"Warning: mysql_connect()" | intext:"Warning: mysql_query()" | intext:"Warning: pg_connect()"

For Publicly exposed documents type ext:doc | ext:docx | ext:odt | ext:pdf | ext:rtf | ext:sxw | ext:psw | ext:ppt | ext:pptx | ext:pps | ext:csv

For phpinfo() type ext:php intitle:phpinfo "published by the PHP Group"