If you have given interviews in Ahmedabad / other cities, IT companies ask you to sign bond. When you ask them what is bond they will tell you it is for company safety and your 1 or 2 years commitment. Beware, it really means that they will not pay your 2 months salary and file case to recover money against you if you leave companies before bond period / they throw you out. Also IT companies can give you 2-3 people’s work to save money. And now you are stuck.

First thing Bond is illegal in any manner and not valid until it favors both the parties equally and can not enforced to any one in any situation for any benefits in terms of serving months/years for employment.

This is all because people encouraged them to fool job seekers. These companies will never accept that they have bond policy over phone call or email. But you approach them personally they will force you to sign saying that everybody is signing, u should have no problem in bond system.

Actually only those company ask for bond which having issues with employees as they don’t know how to manage and establish happy adapting environment.
My Advice to these companies is please establish better environment instead of forcing people to sign bond. Learn to make relations employees they will stay longer with you coz everybody loves respect. Employee is not mere a resource but a person and feel bad when treated like one. Companies I worked with are much better. But this post is not about promotion or demotion but to make the people aware.
And remember scared & unhealthy cow always gives unhealthy milk. I don’t want to be one of them.
Buddies don't get trapped, stay away from such companies, find better companies there are many options available. And Don't settle for less money, always ask for what you deserve.
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