Hi every one, How could I miss crawler 2.0 and posted 3.0 before this. Here I am posting 2.0 crawler with multiprocess facility.. ;) Actually 3.0 thread based crawler was easy to develop, and now it is the time for release of final 2.0.

Why I am making crawler,  actually me and my friends Abhijeet and Zainab were thinking of making basic search engine. But we know there are already better than our's. Then we thought we can do some better with this crawler thing, and now one more guy joined us, Mr Nirav quite high skilled person and work on highly critical projects.

Now I am more sure of finishing all this in time and make an automatic system that will post all new thing on bestindianwear.com. We can say it will be a basic AI (Artificial Intelligent) project. Abhijeet is working quite hard on it

Thanks Guys - I do not feel alone, and your efforts make our way enjoyable. Cheers to everyone we will be finishing this soon... :)