Hi there, if are facing dead tmux session on ssh exit issue on raspberry, here it requires libpam-systemd, which is not included by default in minimal Jessie. I rebooted to enable it, but you may only have to relogin and / or restart systemd-logind.service. Install it with command apt-get install libpam-systemd systemctl –user status output (without libpam-systemd): Failed to create bus connection: Connection refused output (with libpam-systemd): ● raspberrypi State: running Jobs: 0 queued Failed: 0 units Since: Tue 2017-02-14 06:04:15 UTC; 4s ago CGroup: [email protected] ├─739 /lib/systemd/systemd –user └─746 (sd-pam)

Attach disk on boot in linux

2tb storage cloud storge and media server with pi hi there, 2tb storage cloud storge and media server with pi in cost of 5880 Rs = 2tb-disk 1450 RS = sata to usb 3.0 3000 Rs = pi 700 Rs = power supply 750 Rs = hdmi 700 Rs = 32GB Memory card 550 Rs = Fan & power supply 1800 Rs = Router 300N 90 Rs = Ethernet cable =14920 Rs and I can say I saved a lot of money not buying a costly media server for home and made it myself. Just happy its ready to dance. So many ideas I have thought to work on. Will be posting about them soon. And I tried this server with[…]