If you have given interviews in Ahmedabad / other cities, IT companies ask you to sign bond. When you ask them what is bond they will tell you it is for company safety and your 1 or 2 years commitment. Beware, it really means that they will not pay your 2 months salary and file case to recover money against you if you leave companies before bond period / they throw you out. Also IT companies can give you 2-3 people’s work to save money. And now you are stuck.

First thing Bond is illegal in any manner and not valid until it favors both the parties equally and can not enforced to any one in any situation for any benefits in terms of serving months/years for employment.

This saturday on 02/12/2017 I received call from Ms Ruchika Pandey [radixweb.com]. she told me that radixweb can provide 90000 INR less/year than my expectation. and I continued with the interview process on the same day. And then I was interviewed by Brijen Brahmbhatt who asked me to sign 2 years bond and provide salary that is 180000 INR less/year then my expectation. I had to say no to him and then I send them this email. But they blacklisted my email address and so I had to send them this email with another email address.

Hi this is vishvendra Singh here, had Final round Interview on 05/12/2017 conducted by Mr Brijen Brahmbhatt.
I want to inform you that I was not informed of 2 years bond in all the communication occurred between me and Ms ruchika HR from radixweb. When I received call from Ms Ruchika, on telling my requirement of * Lacs/Anum I was informed the  salary that will be privided by radixwebis * Lacs/Anum. So keeping that in mind and discussing I appeared for the first round of interview on 02/12/2017.
Despite rain and bad weather In today’s Second/Final interview on 05/12/2017 conducted by Mr Brahmbhatt I was asked to sign bond of 2 years for the job on * INR/month salary instead of * INR/month as discussed with Ms Ruchika over phone call. So this is the clear confusion in radixweb team and in email please write clearly that how much salary you can provide and details of the bond.
I want to ask radixweb to apologize for troubles caused to me and make sure that such stunts should not be played with any one else in future.
In Reply I received a call telling that i am trying to scare him and they are well established company and he is not feared of me. [   🙂 funny] . He also said Ms Ruchika is no one and he and the company takes the decision.

Dear Vishvendra,

First of all, I would like to inform that we are always clear in all the communications we do with a candidate.

Secondly, after careful consideration of your skills and experience, I came up with best possible amount that we can go ahead with in your case.

Understanding that you were negotiable enough on opportunity shared we took your candidature ahead. However since you are not open on it we respect your decision and appreciate your openness on sharing your feedback.

All the best for your future endeavours.


Brijen Brahmbhatt

In the above mail I expected sorry word some where but you can see the ego of this buddy. So I can conclude that they were trying to cheat me in hope that I will settle for less salary. This is all because people encouraged them to fool job seekers. These companies will never accept that they have bond policy over phone call or email. But you approach them personally they will force you to sign saying that everybody is signing, u should have no problem in bond system.
Actually only those company ask for bond which having issues with employees as they don’t know how to manage and establish happy adapting environment.
My Advice to these companies is please establish better environment instead of forcing people to sign bond. Learn to make relations employees they will stay longer with you coz everybody loves respect. Employee is not mere a resource but a person and feel bad when treated like one. Companies I worked with are much better. But this post is not about promotion or demotion but to make the people aware.
And remember scared & unhealthy cow always gives unhealthy milk. I don’t want to be one of them.
Buddies dont get trapped, stay away from such companies, find better companies there are so many companies. And Dont settle for less money, always ask for the amount you deserve.
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Most common 4 types of personalities stated by Carlo M. Cipolla are as follows.

  1. Helpless
  2. Bandit
  3. Intelligent
  4. Stupid

How would you categorize them if get the chance to describe someone’s personality on first encounter. You should read this interesting article if u want to learn this magic. And I will try to describe this in short.

Lets Take an example, If a person is selling second person a goat, he may act as follows

  1. Helpless – suffer loss
  2. Bandit – trying to sell overpriced
  3. Intelligent – looks where both can get a happy deal
  4. Stupid – cause lose to both parties.

Now you know what these 4 types of personalities are, hurry and take notes when u negotiate with someone. Thanks for reading here is the link.



People talking on many forums that chrome or firefox like browsers are sending data to their server, and making the service very insecure. In many forums people are talking about building their own browser and services but its very tedious task.

So this guy made vivaldi for us that is secure enough for now.

I personally use firefox mostly but this post below made me rethink of what I am using. But its really worth to try.

It is of about 40.6MB in size for windows I am testing. Installation steps are quite easy.


Install Vivaldi

Install Vivaldi


  1. It has task manager

Vivaldi Task manager


2. I use system proxy settings like chrome, and no separate network settings like firefox. Also It does not have VPN option like opera provides in Settings > Privacy & security > VPN

Vivaldi Network setting

Vivaldi Network settings


3. Other option are very similar to other browser and have all the functionalities that chromium browser have.


Vivaldi search page


For now it is making very good progress on being a trustworthy internet browser but still it lacks many good functionalities those other browsers have. Also they are seen thrice in new.ycombinator.com for their appreciated  work & progress – https://shivalink.com/news.php?from=0&news_c=&size=20&q=vivaldi .Please visit the following url for more information.


Vivaldi makes History

Government if providing subsidy for roof top solar installation. Related information is given in the below pdf.


A very good initiative by Gujarat Govt., Gujarat state currently buying most of electricity from other states.

Read more about this here


title : Subsidy for roof top solar in Gujarat

While busy enjoying there, this is what happened in Goa.

News from shivalink.com.

1. Pune youth found hanging in Panaji hotel (source:timesofindia) (00:00 28/02/2017)
2. Centre identifies 263 ‘enemy properties’ in Goa (source:timesofindia) (12:00 27/02/2017)
3. Watch: Goa carnival kicks off (source:timesofindia) (12:00 26/02/2017)


reference links from times of india.




Number of doctors in india is far less, and budget is even lesser than world’s poorest countries. Where is this money going. Why can we not have a better budget on hospitals. And just read those last most amusing lines in this article by timesofindia


par itna kam tha k aur aan padi wo yaha padhe

Vyapam scam: Supreme Court cancels degrees of 634 doctors-


Our hon’able prime miniter Mr Narendra modi ji said this, read in below link. I really thought he would Orders probe. But after reading this we can understand he wont, UP se seats chali jayegi bhai. Indians are the best students in the world because they know to keep quite.