A confused and low confident Indian boy-No I am a man

Friend on call (Yes em talking about u Nerd) - Hey man Justin's new song is out it is getting famous every minute, and u going to lose girlfriend again but of this sh**ty song.

Me - No man she has planned to study this month and don't have internet recharge ohh God she is saved.

Friend on call - Did you completed that shi**y code I asked u, you will never finish it, Now leave it, I will have to do it myself. Tere jaise nikkamo ki wajas se india age nai aata.

Me- Mannn we are family guy you know, we get time for us in toilet only :p . Every weekend u know family's  work.

Friend on call-Did you watched that movie I gave you! You need inspiration man

Me- No man boss made me sit till late it was too frustrating.

Friend on call - Bulls**t man! you actually needs justin's song. Only he can help you 3) . ur mind is rusted and you need to give time to urself.

Me - they said spend some time with family it makes you good person.

Friend on call - Wow man they say it right but now for us coz, all week days we spend our time in office and dont even know whats going on at home. Suddenly sunday comes and we sit with family and smile at their faces like a joker while it is some serious matter going at home u r unaware of. Man never smile seeing ur father's face he will feel like kitna bada chut**ya h, always pretend like you are thinking so much about your future. He will think "beta bada ho gya h" ask you "beta kya hua koi pareshani h". And always give the same answer " m bhi mehnat karke apke jaise ban na chahta hu". And your father becomes proud of you forgetting about ur low marks. I mean to say we are different color's sheep man, born to do something good

me - babaji aaj muje maaf karo aj muje apne room me jhadu pocha lagana h talk u later

Friend on call - Be kabhi kisi ladki ko bola tune aisa, aah sham tak code chaiye nai to tere daru wali pic viral kar dunga

"A confused and low confident Indian boy-No I am a man" - Every second person life story