Base64 talk encrypted Hi all, why most of computer engineers choose Linux as their preferred os. Friends we get lot of advantages here like we can talk encrypted For encryption $ echo -n hi | base64 output: aGk= For decryption echo -n aGk= | base64 -d output: hi Not only this you can also encrypt image with the following command $ echo -n $(cat image.jpg) | base64 > inputfile To decrypt use $ echo -n $(cat inputfile) | base64 -d Enjoyeee…

follow or unfollow more than 1000 twitter follows in a day more than the daily limit of twitter Hi there, Previously my twitter id was hacked and some body followed so many people. And I still have no idea who did this. But I found a way to unfollow them all at one. First I loaded full list of people my twitter used to follow. Then on right click and selecting console in my browser I typed this command in console. $(“.user-actions-follow-button”).click(); This way you can follow/unfollow more than 1400. And You can read about the twitter limitations here But to start following people again you will have wait for another day, with the same command you can friend them again[…]

A confused and low confident Indian boy-No I am a man Friend on call (Yes em talking about u Nerd) – Hey man Justin’s new song is out it is getting famous every minute, and u going to lose girlfriend again but of this sh**ty song. Me – No man she has planned to study this month and don’t have internet recharge ohh God she is saved.


Download youtube linux terminal Want to download youtube video in linux. Enter these three commands to Download youtube linux terminal . you can also perform these commands if you are are getting error in downloading with youtube videos with youtube-dl installed with apt-get install youtube-dl but remove it first by command apt-get remove –purge youtube-dl. You can download pachage here curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl ln -s /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl /usr/bin/