BRTS – Fast bus service in ahmedabad , is having the best bus drivers. They drive very fast & save ass of @$/k guys on road. People here drive in BRTS VIP corridor also, where they should not neither permitted. Today BRTS bus driver saved a kid by applying breaks on time & waited for him until he crossed the road.


Php program for insertion sort. Easy implementation. here is the link just try once <?php /**Function for sorting an array with insertion sort algorithm. * * @param array $array * @return array */ function insertionSort(array $array) { $length=count($array); for ($i=1;$i<$length;$i++) { $element=$array[$i]; $j=$i; while($j>0 && $array[$j-1]>$element) { //move value to right and key to previous smaller index $array[$j]=$array[$j-1]; $j=$j-1; } //put the element at index $j $array[$j]=$element; } return $array; } $array = range(0, 19); shuffle($array); var_dump($array); $arr = insertionSort($array); var_dump($arr); ?> here is the link just try once

Recently I stuck in the middle. I had completed the wordpress theme in wamp(Windows), and now I wanted to move it to cPanel (linux). And the had full path like C:\wamp\www. Now when I uploaded this theme to server, the uploaded version of it was totally distorted. I tried different approaches to solve this problem like find & replace & many other efforts. But after all they did not worked for all the problem of path in option table for wordpress database. Then I found this plugin that makes copy of your database now you need to install this plugin. Secondly you have to create a backup of your wordpress. Then It will give you a link of zip[…]